Think - Believe - Become

This is the mantra I used throughout my transformation and to this day. What is a Mantra?

“Mantra” means a sacred utterance, numinous sound, or a syllable, word, phonemes, or group of words believed by some to have psychological and spiritual power.
— wikipedia

A simple, powerful tool like this is integral in building self belief and practising self love. After researching NLP or  Neuro-linguistic programming I experimented with a few concepts about belief. For me as a creative person, what I think, what comes to me, what inspiration I see can become manifested into reality if only I believe that it is possible. It can Become. I proved it with my health and also the quality of my life and happiness. Now I am doing the same by sharing my vision with the world via my YouTube Channel and this site!.

But its hard to believe sometimes. To actually believe what you think isn't just a case of saying it. You must visualize it. Can you see yourself actually doing it?? If not, then it will be very hard to achieve.  You must meditate and connect with your true self. Ask for it. Think on it and believe, see and take action to become it.

I believe in you.

Because you are me. We are all humans. We have a mind. So we can think. Now the next step is to believe.