In my journey, as a person, a father,  son, health motivator, husband, in general, I have learnt a lot. Often learning the hard way, I made my journey very complicated. As I have evolved, I have learnt the  art of balance in life. 

Along with many lessons and wisdoms I have picked up so far, my core life gift is my ability to communicate, build rapport and empathize with many different types of people with the goal of making them  happy and healthy, and in turn my self very fulfilled and Happy.   It has all amounted to the person you see now.  I genuinely care about the greater good of all man kind and the well being of the planet we inhabit including the environment and all living beings. And so I would like to share these two truths with you all. There are many more. But I believe that in regards to health, these two truths are the best things to keep in mind and will be the most important factors in a long lasting positive change in your health!

Truth one - Simple

When we are overwhelmed, the last thing we need to do is further overcomplicate the situation.


When one suffers from anxiety,  a powerful tool commonly used is to break the problem into smaller parts and simply focus on our breath. Breathing is simple. We where born knowing how to do it. But as simple as it may seem, it is so powerful in that moment because we can focus on it easily.  Its not clever. Its not a gimmick. Its not a synthetic external factor. Its part of our "wild self". 

That is how I feel we all should approach our journey to improving our health and movement.

The health & fitness "Industry" has other ideas.

Science and research,  products and strategies. Protocols and workouts. Diets and psychologists are all tools to use but are often a product of the  capitalistic society we live in are designed for us to choose and buy  "everything"  with clever marketing. This can also create a secondary  problem  in the process of becoming healthier. -  Paralysis of Analysis.

There is too much choice. Too much information. But not enough truth! We are overwhelmed. And if we do act, its because of marketing, false case studies and external influences. Why have we forgotten our own intuition?  

I believe that we place value on over complicated ideas because we feel that if it is complicated and in depth, then it is powerful and therefore must be better. In some cases yes, in most cases, I disagree.

Behind the money hungry motives of the industry we can still find the intent to help people if we  distil all of the marketing and gimmicks and information to it's core........

If you consistently move more, eat better and think more positively, you will achieve your goal. 

This is basically what every product, workout and diet sells. Yet put in SIMPLE terms, the answer appears.  It isn't complicated.

We all have the capacity to reach the goals we desire. We just need to learn  self love. The act of putting love and care into our own well  being to help ourself and  those we love. The more we complicate the journey, we are actively putting more hurdles in our own way.  Then we are less likely to overcome the "actual" obstacles because we are busy with the self imposed ones we created ourselves.  

We have all heard the acronym KISS - "Keep it simple, stupid" .  Its a great reminder that if our approach is more simple, we increase the likely-hood of success.

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.
— Confucius

Truth two - Balance

I believe balance is not something you find, but something you create.  And it is the not so secret secret of success in life! Our health and fitness cannot be at an optimal level with a balance of movement, nutrition and mental approaches.  Its easy to get confused and also to over complicate the process. Of course there are more factors to the picture. The life balance has for many ;

  • Work
  • family
  • kids
  • health
  • rest
  • fun
  • chores

The list goes on. 

But the truth is, we would be more effective in all our endeavours if we used the principle of self love and strove for a balance in our approach to our health.

I learnt through trial and error, study and the constant research that drives me to help you, that the body responds very well when the ego and the mind has the least part of the equation. Simply eat better food, move more and think positive. There are literally thousands of researchers and papers and results correlating to this fact, and be my guest if you want to spend the next four years reading and wondering if its all true.

Me?  You'll simply find that I transformed my life when I struck a balance of these things.

The balance will be different for everyone. We are all unique little snow flakes, but the concept can be reduced to the core  three keys of Movement, Nourishment and the Psychological approach using positivity and self love.

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Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep balance you must keep moving forward.
— Albert Einstein