Hi, I'm George Papas.

With the personal Mantra of THINK - BELIEVE - BECOME, I successfully lost38kgs ( and kept it off ),  cured my Depression, overcame Fibromyalgia ( Yes - Cured ), reversed obesity, high cholesterol and eradicated a pre diabetic state,  all of which  I was taking medication for  from the age of 25 - 30 yrs.  Don't believe me? Check out the guy below.......

After the  life changing realization that enough was enough, I totally transformed my life through healthy habits and hard work. Now I spend my time working to help others achieve the same result.  The road has been amazing so far. Four years and counting. I have experimented. trained,  cried,  ate, played, messed up, loved, evolved  and worked solely on learning as much as I can about the process of improving my own health & fitness to lead by example for my family, friends and the world. Over this time I  have created workouts, worked in gyms, opened gyms, started clubs and groups and  improved the way I share my enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for health transformation.  My goal is for my new YouTube Channel "Journey of a Mover" to  become a motivational catalyst and inspiration to millions. I dream of being   a motivational speaker, to change the world one transformation at a time!

Here are some of the projects and Businesses and projects I have been involved with or featured in so far .

This is a video documenting my transformation from my Health Ladder YouTube channel. It is two years into my transformation and two years ago. Allot has changed but the point is just the same. I took action. Now is the time. at all times!

As a result of my transformation, I noticed that I was positively effecting the people around me. And it felt good. So I studied and became a Personal Trainer and CrossFit level 1 coach. This didn't seem enough, so since those courses, I have been personally researching and learning how to become a powerful and passionate health motivator.  

I felt grateful to inspire people in my community. But since the on-line revolution of information sharing, I have learnt that I can share my passion and zest for motivation and inspiration worldwide.

I was lucky enough to be featured in a local publication called Coast Magazine , which has a 150 000 copies distributed quarterly.  It impacted my reach and capacity to help people allot and for that I am grateful.