The body will become better at whatever you do, or don’t do.
If you move, your body will allow more movement.
— Ido Portal

As a species we have stopped moving. On average we are more sedentary and it has become a normality, but more importantly the main cause of health deterioration. Why should we move? Everything is so easy. Automated. Why run?, jump, climb? This has caused the mind body connection to also deteriorate.  This lack of "body health" definitely negatively effects our "mental health".  

The good news is, there is something you can do. Its free and its very powerful. MOVE!

 "Exercise is Optional, Movement is Essential"  - Ben Medder

Move more than you do now. Start slow. Stay safe. Just add movement in any form into your daily routine and stay consistent. See You will watch your health improve as you progress. Fall in love with the feeling. It shouldn't be a chore. Play with your kids outside or even inside like monkeys, swim, run, climb, play sport, dance, stretch and simply move!

Movement is Ancient. primal. We are actually the alpha species on this planet because we learnt to move and use our bodies and brain better than our survivalist rivals. 

Fitness??? The fitness industry is a moneymaking monopoly of businesses cashing in on desperate people in desperate times. I definitely both love and hate the industry. I love that not all in it are money and ego driven. I hate that most people in it unfortunately are and must be so to survive.  The following quote from a movement pioneer and one of my inspirations IDO PORTAL  sums up fitness best in my view.

I don’t do fitness my friend. That’s not what I do. I talk about movement. Fitness is a small, small, small world, within the universe of movement. I view it as a limited world. A world with many problems. A polluted world…But actually people who practice movement never miss anything. It was always there. It’s movement that I’m passionate about.
— Ido Portal

Some advice to help you start moving.

  • Sit less - It compresses our vertebrae and is actually a major cause in postural defects and soreness. Make a standing desk? Rest in a flat footed squat , do a squat challenge and find out why sitting is so bad for you.
  • Train Movement - Not Muscles.  It uses more muscles anyway, and as a system the body brain connection fires more naturally and more powerfully giving you your desired results anyway with the added bonus of less boring repetitions of posturally  "dead"  isolative movements.
  • Where possible move in NATURE. There are countless benefits to being in nature for or mind and body. Make use of them as they are free and powerful. No membership required! One amazing and little known fact about being barefoot on the earth is the "Grounding" or "earthing" effect. Our bodies respond very positively when in direct contact with the earth due to the  antioxidant and anti-inflamation effects that the electron-enriched earth provides. It is noticeable instantly. Research it here and here.

  • Find a way YOU like to move. Better still find a few of them. When we specialize, our body becomes set up for that thing. But being passionate about the ways you move is half the battle. It means that it is less of a chore and more an act of self love and enjoyment.

  • Make moving part of your daily rituals. Stretch for 5 minutes upon waking. Walk short distances often. Start with the basics like planking, squatting and pushing and build up your range, intensity and capacity from there. Every journey starts with a single step!

My  YouTube channel journey of a mover  will explore these topics and many more in great detail.

For now, here is a video I made on my Health Ladder YouTube Channel last year. Titled "The time is now" it is aimed to show the viewer that regardless of our money, equipment, time, level of ability or any other excuse, the best time to start the journey is NOW. The benifit is in taking the first step.