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Free 30 minute HIIT body weight workout that I designed in 2012 which helped me loose 38kgs !


Free 30 minute HIIT workout that I designed in 2012 which saw me loose 38kgs :)
I have decided to give this away for free to benefit people who enjoy vigorous exercise and are committed to achieving peak fitness - Enjoy!!!! Love & Light - George :)

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Journey of a Mover  aims to illuminate the power of movement and will explorein an entertaining way, the philosophy and techniques of how, what, when, where and why we  should move more! The quest is to inspire as many people as possible to  once again move our bodies for  the  functionality, healing and love of it.  The episodes will follow me and my fellow movers  as we seek to evolve, explore and learn to move in as many ways as possible to be healthier and useful for the greater good of ourselves and the world.

"The body will become better at whatever you do, or don’t do.
If you don’t move, your body will make you better at not moving.
If you move, your body will allow more movement."

— Ido Portal

WHY? Movement is a natural and FREE medicine. Its power is undeniable. As a species it was our first means of communication, transport, survival, reproduction, passion and enjoyment. It is entrenched deep in our DNA but now it  is commonly seen as a chore that we have to program it into our busy lives three times per week for 45 mins at a time???

Our world is super automated, ultra convenient and thus,  we are becoming  more and more  sedentary.

It seems that our evolution has taken  a step backwards regarding health in the  response to the industrial revolution. Take a look at the overloaded health care system for the proof! Modern life is so busy, and the capitalistic nature of our existence  meanswe spend all of our time working to survive, to then turn around and spend what money we have left on  our failing health by buying fad driven gimmicks using " fear tactic" marketing campaigns. The health & fitness industry commonly preys on the vulnerable. And unfortunately many of us succumb to this marketing ( I have ) to deal with the simple  lack of moving and to  abate the negative effects of  convenient / overly processed food and the mental stress we endure  in the "live to work" scenario we unfortunately have become entrapped in! We need to wake up! 

Movement has many degree's, forms, Shapes and purposes.  It has simplicity and complexity.  It doesn't matter  which level we are at, as long as we move. The more we move, the better we get. Simply pick a style and apply a  balanced and measured approach to progressional  movement and intensity,  and your life will improve dramatically.  

We will also look at the supporting factors in this journey like  nourishment,  rest & recovery, mobility, mental attitude, and the psychology of better movement for better health. 

Movement changed my life profoundly to say the least!  Let me show you how it can do the same for you! 

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As for now. Get up and have a stretch, move and get ready for the ride.



Think - Believe - Become
— George Papas