How has Technology Changed the Fitness Industry?

Let’s not be too quick to answer this one ok. Firstly what technology? Well books & magazines aren’t new, but we cant lug around all the relevant new texts let alone afford to buy each new publication upon its release. The main development and technological advancement that has affected the industry is the internet….which started with the old desktop. Once we got home after work, after socializing, we would turn on the old dinosaur and wait seven hundred minutes for it to turn on and then connect to the WWW over dial up….sqeek, ding, buzz, arrggghhh….finally you where on and it was amazing! Now you could connect and search for whatever your imagination could think up…but content was sparse and usually cost money to access. Fast forward to today…my phone is more powerful than my first $3k computer…no…really it is. I can be on the toilet reading any of the millions of free fitness bogs WITH a you tube video in the top right corner of the screen playing my favourite YouTube video’s, all while taking care of business…. ewwwww …hahaha.

But all information is not equal. I mean anyone can have a You tube Channel, a Blog, or a website. Big companies skew the information to sell us something …cause ultimately money drives all industries but especially the health and fitness industry. The supplement companies own most of the magazines anyway?? Makes sense…Why? Because they hit us when we are vulnerable. At our lowest and when we are most desperate for help. And one sentence or referral from our sporting idol in an article about the newest diet or supplement or workout plan will hook us and get us to impart money, time and effort…BUT….wait a cotton picken minute!!!

Here is where my beliefs jump in, so bear with me.

There is no “one size fits all” approach to health and fitness. We are all snowflakes, unique according to our genetics and history and environment… we are what we eat and do…. There is no magic pill…. (Yet) and no easy road… Take it from me, but also what worked for me wont work for everyone!!! It’s basic logic. I lost 35 kgs and cured many health issues with “the right” exercise and “the right nutritional” approach FOR ME. How?, I paid attention to how my body reacts to certain things, I collate that info and apply the results over time with a balance of working out, eating right and rest….Plus I practice mental exercises like gratitude, compassion and love of myself daily (keep it clean J) to balance my happiness and hormones from every angle.

Back to the story though …..

If you hit the Internet and partake in conversation on forums or subscribe to interesting and powerful blogs/youtube channels you will soon be jaded and confused by ‘BROSCIENCE”. What is that? Well, it is a very dangerous thing. Many amateur bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts using anecdotal stories and their experience as the BIBLE of fitness, who are so adamant that they are correct that they believe their results and methods are “THE’ way to get a result. Clearly regurgitating information that they have learnt via more BROSCIENCE that is usually not based on any credible scientific research or even sometimes-defying logic. You will no doubt come across some hilarious myths like…


Use low weight / high reps to tone muscle….pssstt

The more sets the better…..hmmmph

Dead lifts are bad for your back…….gggrrr

Squats are bad for your knees….hahaha

Girls shouldn’t do resistance training cause it makes you bulky….loll


Everything is ok if done correctly – FOR YOU and your body / life….

What I have discovered so far in this health and fitness journey Is Hype & Money drive the industry…so Industry inundates us with every idea for us on how to get into great shape. BUT, if they just told the truth and cut through the crap there would be like, 50 blogs or articles that would exist…they could reprint them every month if they like!!! But the simple facts are, there are tried and true methods of how to get into the best shape of your life. The main methods are not over complicated and only require intelligent application, consistent effort and determination to complete to achieve your goals.

So who can you trust you ask?….You can trust Your gut / You…and if you take a step back, and look at your goals realistically, gather, test and use information safely. I must say tho not ALL of it is crap. It’s mostly just out of context. Plus one or two sessions with an exercise professional may be all you need to set you up and moving SAFELY toward you dream body…. Don’t let pride or rushing dictate your journey….there usually isn’t any longevity with that approach.

This information is more available to us than ever before e.g. when you are in transit on your ipad, phone, in-between meetings, in bed at night, WHENEVER….and we know that by default availability doesn’t mean it’s all good. Why?… who is checking all the quality? Allot of it is only someone’s opinion…some opinions sound more powerful due to how they are written, the amount of research that was carried out for them, if they sound like a sales pitch, and importantly on what platform they are available….. how much information is too much?… I know I used to get confused all the time…. This site said this, but this Blog said that and that You Tube video was like no no no no…. Arggghhh…!

Let’s imagine you were allowed to go into the chemist’s stock room. You self diagnosed a condition via Google, and walked straight in and grabbed what you read or heard would be the answer….WTF???? O RLY?, you’re a doctor now? No.

We are obviously very sceptical when we have had bad experiences with a doctor, or PT or hairdresser??? So we then question their whole profession?? There are good practitioners in all fields and we must seek them out. Because they are passionate and experienced in reading between the lines and helping you achieve your end goal. So Technology can give us a bum steer… I read yesterday that I shouldn’t do a full body workout in a bodybuilding context because I cant focus on each muscle enough, but then today on another site it said that full body workouts are not for beginners and that if your serious about body building you can achieve a better result due to increasing frequency on each body part by doing full body workouts……So what did I do? I’m a PT? I learnt this stuff right? Yes, but I searched for and found to a PT who lives and specializes in bodybuilding. I am putting faith into his knowledge and experience. He can see my habits, body type, and help me shape my approach quicker and more efficiently than if I just trial and error’d my way through with guess work or worse, believing what I saw in a Blog about an approach that worked for one guy who has a totally different body type, metabolism and life than mine BUT I like what he said because his fucking logo was cool!!!!!!!! LOL

Technology has evolved further tho so let’s also think about Apps (Smart phone and ipad programs). There are countless interval training, calorie counters, and fitness inspired apps out there. They all serve a purpose. Some cost, some are free. I see them as tools and if you are serious about health and fitness they can definitely help. But it is always a good idea to read reviews and research about each one to get the ones that suit your approach. I have used the main ones when I began my personal fitness story to help INGRAIN certain things into my head which are now just part of my healthy approach and habits. Plus a good stopwatch or interval training app is a base tool for as good workout. Counting calories with an app can be great if your not sure about energy in vs. energy out…Some even have a barcode scanner and makes it easier to add up what your eating so you know how much exercise you need to burn it of and more J Personally I Don’t count calories because all calories aren’t equal but that’s for another Blog…

But technology is not just information and programs. What about heart rate monitors, gps, blue tooth shoe pods, smart phone and watch programs. I use a Nike sports band with a polar heart monitor and I track my stats on the computer. If endurance running, biking or triathalon training is your thing, or you just want access to information so you can control your efforts, then  these tools are a must. Beware of the cost. Some are great because they look good, and don’t let the list of functions be the main selling point, because you might not need all of those functions and you should focus on products that perform the functions that YOU require “most” the best.

Then we come to shoes, clothing and gear.. Shoes for all types of application. Clothes that look cool but do a job? E.g. Compression garments, moisture wicking comfort and style all have to be balanced for clothing to be good value for money. Personally I used to be a HUGE victim to the marketing machine. I was first moved into a purchase for looks, colour and style. Now in my older age I got for quality and function. (still got look good tho ;) …. I used to rock my air Jordan’s for work and play, now I have a specific shoes for endurance, a pair for gym and I use the barefoot mentality to help stabilize and stimulate better movement patterns. Gear…well there is heaps of new technology that goes into our training gear to make it lighter, stronger, more durable and cheaper….with out these advances we would not be able to have many of the tools e.g. ball bearing skipping ropes, reflective tape for high visibility, Bosu Balls ect ect…Technology has had a MASSIVE impact on Health and fitness from every angle!

In closing, I think the impact of technology on the health and fitness industry has been more positive than negative. Keeping in mind that too much information, gear and “fluff”, specifically the “wrong” information can have a detrimental effect on your goals & health. Yes it has helped with connectivity. It means we can share ideas and approaches. It means we can trial things that we didn’t otherwise know existed. It means we can have tools, shoes, clothes and coaching advise at our fingertips to make the journey easier. BUT…remember that it all starts with that first choice. That first moment where you decide to act. Keep that in the forefront of your mind because all you really need is the right attitude and a consistent work ethic to achieve your health and fitness goals. Used in an intelligent and measured way, technology can both help and speed up your journey in health and fitness.

Always seek help from a professional if your case is complex or you just need the help. It could save you allot of time and money.


Do you think the original Olympians used much technology?? They had nuth’n!!! Do we NEEEEED all this stuff??? In my heart I think no…but it’s also not 776 BC …just try not to rely on anything as a crutch.


Oh and turn off your device’s in the bedroom. Technology has impacted our lives soooo much that we can’t put these things down, over stimulating our brains and interrupting our REST/SLEEP and our, um, bedroom time ;) We need that J

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