Authenticity of emotions. 5-2-15

I like to let my self experience the ups and down in life. When I'm up I'm vocal and share it to spread the feeling to others. When I'm down, I allow it to be. (I make effort not dwell there though).
 I've learnt to Honour my feelings and deal with them face to face in the pursuit of learning self love. Which I believe is a fundamental thing missing from the human experience at the present and often misunderstood as simple pleasures and temptations. Self love Is about doing things for the greater good of your life, and therefore for the world. A better you is a better experience for people around you right? Sometimes self love is discipline and habits. Sometimes its going with the flow. Let your intuition guide you. Just keep in mind the greater good of your life balance and act.

In the spirit of sharing the video below sums up how I feel today.
Dont be afraid to share your self. Forget judgement of others. Feel. express. laugh. live and love.

Have a "real authentic" day

George Papas

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