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Social media is a POWERFUL tool in this modern age of smart phones.

 To design and take amazing images, write targeted posts and formulate strategic promoted ad’s for Instagram and Facebook take time and require planning.

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  • You will still need to monitor and respond to messages/enquiries and delete any spam from your pages.
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GEORGE PAPAS MEDIA can increase your business’s advertising potential by using Video for both social media and website purposes. Video is the MAIN way people engage with products and services online and I want to show you how easy and affordable it can be!

Together we can storyboard & create a video or series of videos that target different aspects of your business which make your customers engage in ways they haven’t before.

Video is THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY to convey your business message online! and will assist you in the following:

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Social Media Management - George Papas Media

Do you need help with your business social media management?



Create a footprint in the social space and build an online community

Grow brand awareness and increase Supermarket sales

Build engagement through exciting competitions and giveaways

Target the right audience with compelling messages




Who is it for?


You are a small business and want to create a successful social media presence to build your brand awareness and engagement levels through dynamic content. We’ll develop a solid social media footing to promote your brand.




Setup of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In profiles

Management of posts/content including creative copy and images

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Targeted reach: audience segmentation and interest group testing

George Papas Media Why is video marketing so powerful ?

Today's web users are becoming increasingly more demanding and lazy to boot! Not all people like to read content online and are attracted by learning visually and this is why video marketing is so powerful! Google have recently launched video ads, video newsletters, video sales letters and video content online meaning marketers can no longer afford to rely only on written content to drivetraffic to their website. Cisco predict that by 2015 62% of all consumer internet traffic will be on-line video, making web video adoption for big and small business marketers a 'must do' and no longer a 'nice to do'. 


1. Achieves top rankings in the search engines

Google recently introduced Universal Search meaning your videos will now appear in the search results. 


2. Attracts a larger audience to your website 

Video enables you to capture people who like to watch rather than read. This extends the reach of your content because you can appeal to the growing number of video surfers. If a picture is worth a 1000 words, then video does even more because you can create video with sound. This engages more senses than written text which only uses one medium. 


3. Takes advantage of new technologies and mobile devices

You can view on-line video with all kinds of devices; iPod, smart phones, laptops, tablets etc.. You cannot get on a train or bus without seeing at least 40% of the carriage glued to there device speak to your audience direct through web video. ‘Traffic from wireless devices will exceed traffic from wired devices by 2015 (Cisco) " 


4. Brings intimacy to online interactions and conveys your businesses personality

Web video allows businesses to convey their personality, brand and people. People like to buy from people and and through referrals video brings this intimacy to the interaction. 


5. Inspires participation in social media and email marketing campaigns

Once opened, video emails and video embedded on social media platforms engages the user to click through at almost twice the normal rate. In these highly contested and crowded marketing times content is king so video is king!.               

RAW CACAO RAW CHOCOLATE - Is it a superfood or toxic poison? - Neurotoxin theobromine

I did not write this article but as I research what I put into my body and I have been really enjoying using Raw Cacao powder - Until now......Have a Read


Cacao is not a superfood

Don’t get me wrong. I consider fine, dark chocolate to be a fantastic indulgence food, with a few health benefits to boot. It’s in that same seductive category as coffee and red wine. Delicious, double-edged swords, to be enjoyed in moderation. (Beware the dose response curve.)

However cacao, of any kind, shouldn’t be considered a superfood. At least, not by my definition.

Optimal, healthy foods are those that are truly nutrient dense, easy to digest (ie ideal for humans) and devoid of toxic antinutrients. Surely we should, at the very least, hold ‘superfoods’ to the same criteria?

A high ORAC score (antioxidant rating) ain’t everything. In fact, the USDA’s Nutrient Data Laboratory recentlyremoved the ORAC Database due to mounting evidence that the system has no relevance to the effects of bioactive compounds on human health.

Their primary concern? ORAC values are “routinely misused by food and supplement manufacturing companies to promote their products and by consumers to guide their food and dietary supplement choices”. Touche, USDA.

So what else shouldn’t be present in a ‘superfood’?


Upon harvest, cacao beans require fermentation to be edible. 64% of the microbes that facilitate this process create toxins called mycotoxins. Aflatoxin and Ochratoxin A are two such mycotoxins that have the following effects:

  • Neurotoxic (destroys nervous tissue)
  • Immunosuppressive (suppresses immune function)
  • Genotoxic (causes genetic mutations)
  • Carcinogenic (cancer causing)
  • Teratogenic (causes birth defects)

These toxins are present in cocoa, coffee and cereal grains and their concentration greatly depends on the correct harvesting, fermentation and storage. Cacao farmers are generally poor and often operate in places lacking proper sanitary regulations. In this study, 98% of South American chocolate sampled was contaminated with ochratoxin A and 80% had a co-occurrence of aflatoxin.

Most of the raw cacao beans that I have personally inspected are visibly mouldy – even those from reputable brands. And while roasting won’t inactivate the mycotoxins, it will at least completely destroy the mouldsthat produce them.

So let’s look at a couple of the fabricated claims made about raw cacao, compared with its traditional roasted counterpart. I have not been able to find a single reliable study that favours raw cacao. Perhaps traditional cultures like the Maya, who roasted their beans, had it right all along?

Want more food truths?  Click here!

Myth 1: Raw cacao contains more antioxidants

FALSE. In fact the exact opposite appears to be true. This study found that there were significantly more free-radical scavenging activity in dark roasted cocoa beans compared with both pre-roasted and raw beans. And this study found that the antioxidant flavanols catechin and epicatechin increased by around 650% with roasting.

Myth 2: Raw cacao is a better source of magnesium

FALSE. Raw cacao certainly contains abundant magnesium. Does this mean it’s a good source for humans? Not really. Paradoxically, many foods containing significant amounts of magnesium, such as cacao, pumpkin seeds and spinach, also have phytates, lectins and other plant toxins that bind minerals and render them fairly unavailable to us.

Traditional cultures prepared foods in a way that minimised plant toxins and maximised nutrient bioavailability, such as adequate fermentation and cooking. Raw chocolate manufacturers pride themselves on having a short fermentation period (1-2 days). However, this study showed that the mineral-binding antinutrients hydrocyanate, oxalate and theobromine actually decrease with increasing duration of fermentation, with the most significant reduction over days 6, 9 and 12.

Myth 3: Raw cacao is full of enzymes / Enzymes are important

Anyone watching the raw cacao industry will know that up until recently, the majority of products on the market were never truly raw. It’s exceptionally difficult to produce good quality chocolate that hasn’t been heated. Good summary, here .

Regardless, it bears mentioning that there’s a distinct lack of studies confirming that (or even suggestingwhy) cacao enzymes are in any way beneficial to human health. In absence of this, might it not be best to rely on what we do already know? (Hint: traditional wisdom and current science).

It’s interesting to note that Jeremy Safron – supposedly the true originator of raw cacao within the health movement – has reversed his stance on it after noticing devastating health effects among those consuming it over the long-term. He points out that native cultures predominantly consumed the fruit, which contains the benefits without the detrimental effects.

So if you’re going to indulge, good quality dark chocolate is a healthier option than its newfangled raw cousin. Just try to keep it in perspective: it’s an utterly delicious stimulant, with a few health benefits – not a superfood. And now for some Michael Pollan verdict appropriation:  Eat chocolate. Not too much. Only roasted.

written by


I am a Sydney-based nutritionist, wholefoods chef, health educator and founder of Stirring Change.

Green Smoothie Controversies: Are They Healthy or Unhealthy?

I did not write this article but it is an insight into a thought I had, wondering..... are green ( fruit based ) smoothies ACTUALLY healthy or just a fad!!! I mean just because they are green in colour Take a read......


Are green smoothies really healthy for you or do they contain too much fruit and sugar? Should people who want to lose weight avoid them? Will they ultimately devastate your health?

These are just a couple of the controversies going around about green smoothies on the Internet, and it’s nothing new. There will always be people who claim that green smoothies are not as healthy as they appear, despite the proven track record for weight loss and the many health benefits of blending fruits and greens in a blender.

In this article, I will address some of the main concerns about green smoothies.

The Green Smoothie Weight Loss Controversy

It truly surprises me that there is even a controversy about using green smoothies for weight loss. Fruity green smoothies played an instrumental role in my 40-pound weight loss and they have helped thousands of people lose weight using my recipes and information on Incredible Smoothies.

Don’t just take my word for it. Go ahead and read the weight loss stories from my readers who have lost anywhere from from 25 pounds to over 100!

I’ve been drinking green smoothies every single day going on my fifth year now and I easily maintain my ideal weight. And I eat WAY more fruit in a day than the average person eats in a week.

Nevertheless, there is a controversy about green smoothies and weight loss, so let me clear up some of the confusion for you.

Calorie Reduction Controversy: The most recent exposé about the “unhealthiness” of green smoothies cites this health study comparing the satiety of different forms of fruit (whole apple, apple sauce, apple juice and apple juice with fiber added) and how it affects total calorie intake.

The study found that eating a whole apple reduced calorie intake of the following meal by 15% while consuming apple sauce decreased calorie intake by 6% in the following meal. Drinking apple juice with fiber reduced calorie consumption of a meal by only 1% while straight up apple juice actually increased calorie intake by 3%.

Assumptions based on the data presented by this study suggests that eating whole fruits promotes a significant decrease in calorie consumption while pureed fruit is not as effective at reducing overall calorie intake. However, there is a big difference between a freshly blended green smoothie and cooked apple sauce. You can’t even compare the two as they contain different foods and are processed in completely different ways.

Furthermore, the conclusion of the study explicitly states that “more research is needed to test the effects of consuming different forms of fruit on energy intake over longer periods of time before conclusions about the role of fruit in different forms in weight management can be made.”

Of course, that doesn’t stop people from jumping to conclusions about green smoothies based on research comparing apples to applesauce.

In the context of green smoothies, they should be added to the diet. I do not ever recommend drinking a green smoothie only diet. Green smoothies are best used tosupport a plant-based, whole foods diet – not replace it completely.

Replacing one or two meals per day with a large, 300-500 calorie green smoothie can provide great weight loss results. Green smoothies can help people on a raw food diet, or a whole foods diet, consume sufficient calories of whole foods to help them lose weight while feeling satisfied.

A calorie-sufficient green smoothie MEAL will satisfy your hunger until your next meal and reduce overall calorie intake for the day as long as the rest of your diet isn’t atrocious. Drinking a green smoothie in the morning won’t undo a day of eating baked goods, cheese, pizza, ice cream and other fattening foods. Drink green smoothies as part of a whole foods diet and don’t forget to exercise.

Excess Calories From Green Smoothies Because You Are Not Chewing Them: I recently read an argument stating that drinking green smoothies could add up to 100 excess calories per meal because chewing burns calories, where drinking does not.

I’m not sure how they got the idea that chewing a meal consumes 100 calories. My calculations are closer to 27 calories consumed by chewing for a solid hour. In the grand scheme of things, burning 27 calories while chewing (for an hour, mind you) is not going to make or break your weight loss success.

If anything, you’ll burn more calories with green smoothies because they will be efficiently digested and provide more energy to exercise and live an active lifestyle. And your more likely to stick with it. It’s much easier and way more convenient to drink a green smoothie every day than it is to eat a giant bowl of salad. Even I don’t have time for lengthy grazing.

Blending Fiber And Weight Loss: So what about fiber? There is technically the same amount of fiber in a whole apple and a blended apple. Of course, the blended apple is broken down more thoroughly before you eat it than a whole apple. But does this make the blended apple less healthy and therefore sabotaging to weight loss?

That has not been my experience. As I mentioned above, green smoothies were instrumental to my 40 pound weight loss. They have helped thousands of people lose weight. I’ve received tremendous testimonials from people who have used my RESET 28 program for energy and weight loss. The average amount of weight lost during the 28-day meal plan is about 10 pounds. Green smoothies are part of my whole foods diet, so I’m not at all concerned about any fiber breakdown in a smoothie.

I will also repeat that I do not ever advocate a smoothie-only diet. Primarily, I use green smoothies to get greens into my diet. Green smoothies are the only way I can eat the amount of kale, dandelion and other bitter and healthy greens that I do every day. But green smoothies should not be the only thing you eat to lose weight or detox.

Green Smoothies And Sugar Intake (and How It Affects Glucose and Insulin)

Okay, let me begin by saying that drinking green smoothies, or consuming whole fruitswill not and can not give you diabetes. There is zero scientific evidence for this.

For healthy individuals, there is no need to worry about the natural sugars in fruit.

Now there is concern about diabetics drinking green smoothies and overloading on carbohydrates. This is a valid concern. Diabetics must work with their doctor or dietician to establish an appropriate amount of carbohydrate intake per meal, then plan their fruit and green smoothie consumption accordingly.

(Try these green smoothie recipes submitted by readers with type-2 diabetes.)

Diabetics don’t necessarily have to avoid green smoothies or fruit, in fact, the American Diabetes Association encourages fruit intake. Those with metabolic disorders must regularly check their blood sugar levels and restrict or limit carbohydrates according to how their body responds based on their post-meal glucose readings.

In fact, I have heard from diabetics who have normalized blood sugar and lowered fasting glucose numbers after drinking green smoothies. I’ve published a story in Green Smoothie Inspirations about a type 1 diabetic who dropped his insulin requirements by 10% after drinking green smoothies, and this pre-diabetic woman no longer needs to take Metformin. And these are just a few of many stories, some of which I haven’t had a chance to publish yet.

Of course I realize that these stories are not the same thing as double-blind, clinical trials conducted by scientists, but it does go to show that at least for some people (and my feeling is that this probably works for most) green smoothies help facilitate weight loss, healthier eating and provides energy for exercise, thus working in tandem to normalize blood sugar reduce risk factors for diabetes and complications of the disease.

HOWEVER – It is not necessary for non-diabetic people to pro-actively restrict fruit or green smoothie intake in order to prevent the disease as there is no evidence that drinking green smoothies, or increasing fruit intake, causes diabetes.

Now Let’s Talk About Fructose

There is also a general fruit phobia and fructose alarmism that simply doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Some of the most fruit-phobic people out there would have you think that eating a banana is on the same level as eating a glazed donut! That’s right, fruit is now “junk food”.

Here’s the facts: There is ZERO scientific evidence that consuming fresh, whole fruits or drinking freshly prepared green smoothies causes excess weight gain, or any of the health complications of consuming excess isolated fructose in a calorie-appropriate diet.

Yes, fruit contains fructose. Yes, pure, isolated fructose has been shown to contribute excess calories in the diet, which leads to weight gain. High fructose corn syrup (or “corn sugar” as it is now called) is absolutely not healthy. However, there is no pure, isolated fructose in green smoothies and fresh fruit. Instead of isolated sugar (like if you drank a can of soda pop), green smoothies contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, fiber, protein and fat.

You do not need to worry that the fructose in green smoothies will make you fat. It won’t.

Every published health study that I have read is based on pure, isolated fructose in sweetened beverages or injected into the blood stream. Green smoothies are ingested with the fiber, vitamins, minerals, protein, fat, antioxidants and all the other good stuff that high fructose corn syrup and isolated, crystaline fructose lacks.

Not a single legitimate scientific or medical organization would recommend a reduction or restriction of fruit intake because of its fructose content. The only “fruit restriction recommendations” come from alarmist, fringe websites on the Internet or from “rogue doctors” with questionable credentials who peddle all sorts of pseudoscience.

And one last thing I’ll say about fructose in fruit – it is silly to worry about isolated nutrients in whole foods. If you really wanted to avoid all foods that had anti-nutrients or potentially harmful organic chemical compounds in it, you would starve to death. EVERY single piece of food you eat – including organic, bio-dynamic, harvested by your own hands – contains anti-nutrients and things that can harm you IF you extracted those compounds from the whole food and consumed it in excess.

Green smoothies and fruit are a whole foods. Fructose is not. Yes, there is fructose in green smoothies and whole fruit. No, the fructose content of whole foods will not harm you or cause weight gain or diabetes.

Read more about why I don’t have any low sugar or low fructose green smoothie recipes on my website.

Green Smoothies Will Rot Your Teeth

Actually, green smoothies will not rot your teeth, nor will they directly contribute to tooth decay and cavities unless you have poor dental hygiene. I have had a daily green smoothie since January 2008. In fact, I drink two large green smoothies every single day. And I eat way more fruit on a daily basis than the average person eats in a week.

I shouldn’t have any teeth left, right? I have never had problems with my teeth since drinking green smoothies. In fact, my most recent dental checkup showed strong, healthy teeth and no excessive enamel wear.

I’ve covered this controversy in much more detail here.

Destruction Of Nutrients

There is no evidence to back up the claim that blending green smoothies in a blenderdestroys up to 92% of nutrients.

If that were true, I would be severely malnourished after five years of drinking them every day. None of the many green smoothie testimonials on my website would have been written. The reasoning behind this claim is flawed and over-simplistic.

Blending vs. Chewing

Another controversy is the whole blending vs. chewing argument. Chewing releases saliva and digestive enzymes. It’s the first step in the digestive process. However, that doesn’t mean that drinking a green smoothie will hinder proper digestion.

Saliva is still released as you drink a green smoothie. In fact, you’ll probably start salivating as you chop the ingredients and add them to your blender. I usually snack on bits of fruit and even greens as I make my smoothie. This helps rev up the digestive engine.

When I sip a green smoothie, I let each sip mix with saliva while I savor the delicious flavor. You can, if you want, “chew” your smoothie (be sure to brush your teeth afterward).

Some people are concerned that drinking green smoothies can cause the jaw to atrophy and weaken. I find this fear to be unfounded. Humans have jaws that are significantly atrophied compared to our closest primate relatives. This is a product of our evolution due to adaptations to processing foods that require less chewing (and consume less energy to digest). Humans simply do not have the jaw power, size and shape to keep up with the grazing power of a chimpanzee. And we don’t need to.

Besides, your jaw isn’t going to atrophy by drinking one or two green smoothies per day. It’s important to eat solid, whole foods in addition to green smoothies.

As far as digestion is concerned, green smoothies are very easy to digest because they’ve been thoroughly blended (or mechanically chewed, you could say). If anything, a blended smoothie will digest more efficiently than chewed whole fruits. It’s still entering your mouth, mixing with saliva and entering your stomach naturally.

Green Smoothies For People With Health Conditions

My green smoothie recommendations and recipes are geared for healthy people with no pre-existing health conditions. I cannot possibly share smoothie recipes that are appropriate for all people, regardless of illness, metabolism, age, diet, genetics, etc…

If you have a diagnosed health condition and you are wondering whether or not green smoothies should be a part of your diet, or if they might cause harm, then you should discuss your concerns with a doctor or registered dietician. Explain your goal (more fruits and vegetables, especially greens, in the diet) and establish some dietary guidelines for fruits and smoothies that are appropriate for your unique medical circumstances.

Countless scientific health studies indicate that an increase of fruits and vegetables in the diet is associated with a reduced risk of many chronic diseases. There is a lot of research associating an increase of fruits and vegetables in the diet with a reduction of symptoms and lower severity of certain diseases and medical conditions. Fruits, vegetables and green smoothies are your friends, not your enemies.

But if you have a medical condition, or a metabolic disorder, then you need to work with your doctor or nutritionist.

People with hypothyroidism may need to restrict their consumption of cruciferous vegetables like kale and broccoli. People who are prone to kidney stone formation may need to steer clear of high-oxalate foods like spinach. Those with diabetes may need to half some of my recipes, or choose lower sugar berries over higher-sugar bananas, mangoes and grapes.

However, if you do not have any pre-existing medical conditions, then you do not have to worry about raw kale causing hypothyroidism or oxalates in spinach causing kidney stones or the fructose in fruit causing diabetes.

Should Green Smoothies Contain Mostly Fruits Or Mostly Vegetables?

And finally, let’s address one last controversy about green smoothies. Should you make them with mostly fruits? Or should you add a little bit of fruit and stuff a ton of green in there?

In general, my green smoothies contain 60% fruit and 40% greens by volume. My typical 32-ounce meal replacement green smoothie will contain about 300-400 calories (men will probably be more satisfied with a 500-calorie green smoothie – about 4 pieces of fruit – banana, mango, apple and orange) and an entire head of romaine lettuce (or four cups of other leafy green). Adding this much fruit provides the calories to make this smoothie a meal.

A vegetable-based smoothie will not provide sufficient calories to be a meal replacement smoothie. Even if you made a 32-ounce smoothie with just one apple, 1/2 cup blueberries, and a ton of vegetables and greens, you won’t come anywhere close to 400 calories. You’d be lucky to get 200 calories.

The problem with this is that you might still feel full from the fiber, but you risk under-consuming calories, especially if you follow a raw food or whole foods diet. Getting too few calories will sabotage weight loss and lead to nutrient deficiencies and health problems.

In short, fruit-based green smoothies can replace meals and are effective for weight loss.

Vegetable-based smoothies are too low in calories to be considered meals, so they are better used to supplement a calorie-sufficient whole foods diet between meals or consumed with meals – if you wish to do so.

Unless you are physically bothered by fruity green smoothies, I don’t think you need to worry about restricting fruit (or green smoothie intake). If you are concerned about sugar, look into other areas of your diet first. Cut out all refined sweeteners, soda/pop, fruit juice, white rice and white bread. Green smoothies should replace unhealthy foods.

I can’t think of any other subject that has more controversy than nutrition and diet. You can save yourself the headache, confusion, and worry, by simply focusing on a calorie-sufficient, whole foods diet and periodically checking to make sure you are getting sufficient nutrients (I use Cron-o-Meter for this purpose).

I’m done with nitpicking foods and getting caught up in isolated nutrient controversies. Eating food shouldn’t cause anxiety, frustration and fear. I lost 40 pounds with green smoothies, and many of my readers lost anywhere from 20-100+ pounds while dramatically improving their health. So drink up your fruity green smoothie, watch the weight come off and enjoy your life!


Tracy Russell is the creator of RESET 28: A 28-Day Program For Energy, Weight Loss & A Healthy Glow, and founder of Incredible Smoothies. She has been helping people take control of their health and well being with green smoothies, a whole foods diet, and fitness since 2009.

Authenticity of emotions. 5-2-15

I like to let my self experience the ups and down in life. When I'm up I'm vocal and share it to spread the feeling to others. When I'm down, I allow it to be. (I make effort not dwell there though).
 I've learnt to Honour my feelings and deal with them face to face in the pursuit of learning self love. Which I believe is a fundamental thing missing from the human experience at the present and often misunderstood as simple pleasures and temptations. Self love Is about doing things for the greater good of your life, and therefore for the world. A better you is a better experience for people around you right? Sometimes self love is discipline and habits. Sometimes its going with the flow. Let your intuition guide you. Just keep in mind the greater good of your life balance and act.

In the spirit of sharing the video below sums up how I feel today.
Dont be afraid to share your self. Forget judgement of others. Feel. express. laugh. live and love.

Have a "real authentic" day

How has Technology Changed the Fitness Industry?

Let’s not be too quick to answer this one ok. Firstly what technology? Well books & magazines aren’t new, but we cant lug around all the relevant new texts let alone afford to buy each new publication upon its release. The main development and technological advancement that has affected the industry is the internet….which started with the old desktop. Once we got home after work, after socializing, we would turn on the old dinosaur and wait seven hundred minutes for it to turn on and then connect to the WWW over dial up….sqeek, ding, buzz, arrggghhh….finally you where on and it was amazing! Now you could connect and search for whatever your imagination could think up…but content was sparse and usually cost money to access. Fast forward to today…my phone is more powerful than my first $3k computer…no…really it is. I can be on the toilet reading any of the millions of free fitness bogs WITH a you tube video in the top right corner of the screen playing my favourite YouTube video’s, all while taking care of business…. ewwwww …hahaha.

But all information is not equal. I mean anyone can have a You tube Channel, a Blog, or a website. Big companies skew the information to sell us something …cause ultimately money drives all industries but especially the health and fitness industry. The supplement companies own most of the magazines anyway?? Makes sense…Why? Because they hit us when we are vulnerable. At our lowest and when we are most desperate for help. And one sentence or referral from our sporting idol in an article about the newest diet or supplement or workout plan will hook us and get us to impart money, time and effort…BUT….wait a cotton picken minute!!!

Here is where my beliefs jump in, so bear with me.

There is no “one size fits all” approach to health and fitness. We are all snowflakes, unique according to our genetics and history and environment… we are what we eat and do…. There is no magic pill…. (Yet) and no easy road… Take it from me, but also what worked for me wont work for everyone!!! It’s basic logic. I lost 35 kgs and cured many health issues with “the right” exercise and “the right nutritional” approach FOR ME. How?, I paid attention to how my body reacts to certain things, I collate that info and apply the results over time with a balance of working out, eating right and rest….Plus I practice mental exercises like gratitude, compassion and love of myself daily (keep it clean J) to balance my happiness and hormones from every angle.

Back to the story though …..

If you hit the Internet and partake in conversation on forums or subscribe to interesting and powerful blogs/youtube channels you will soon be jaded and confused by ‘BROSCIENCE”. What is that? Well, it is a very dangerous thing. Many amateur bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts using anecdotal stories and their experience as the BIBLE of fitness, who are so adamant that they are correct that they believe their results and methods are “THE’ way to get a result. Clearly regurgitating information that they have learnt via more BROSCIENCE that is usually not based on any credible scientific research or even sometimes-defying logic. You will no doubt come across some hilarious myths like…


Use low weight / high reps to tone muscle….pssstt

The more sets the better…..hmmmph

Dead lifts are bad for your back…….gggrrr

Squats are bad for your knees….hahaha

Girls shouldn’t do resistance training cause it makes you bulky….loll


Everything is ok if done correctly – FOR YOU and your body / life….

What I have discovered so far in this health and fitness journey Is Hype & Money drive the industry…so Industry inundates us with every idea for us on how to get into great shape. BUT, if they just told the truth and cut through the crap there would be like, 50 blogs or articles that would exist…they could reprint them every month if they like!!! But the simple facts are, there are tried and true methods of how to get into the best shape of your life. The main methods are not over complicated and only require intelligent application, consistent effort and determination to complete to achieve your goals.

So who can you trust you ask?….You can trust Your gut / You…and if you take a step back, and look at your goals realistically, gather, test and use information safely. I must say tho not ALL of it is crap. It’s mostly just out of context. Plus one or two sessions with an exercise professional may be all you need to set you up and moving SAFELY toward you dream body…. Don’t let pride or rushing dictate your journey….there usually isn’t any longevity with that approach.

This information is more available to us than ever before e.g. when you are in transit on your ipad, phone, in-between meetings, in bed at night, WHENEVER….and we know that by default availability doesn’t mean it’s all good. Why?… who is checking all the quality? Allot of it is only someone’s opinion…some opinions sound more powerful due to how they are written, the amount of research that was carried out for them, if they sound like a sales pitch, and importantly on what platform they are available….. how much information is too much?… I know I used to get confused all the time…. This site said this, but this Blog said that and that You Tube video was like no no no no…. Arggghhh…!

Let’s imagine you were allowed to go into the chemist’s stock room. You self diagnosed a condition via Google, and walked straight in and grabbed what you read or heard would be the answer….WTF???? O RLY?, you’re a doctor now? No.

We are obviously very sceptical when we have had bad experiences with a doctor, or PT or hairdresser??? So we then question their whole profession?? There are good practitioners in all fields and we must seek them out. Because they are passionate and experienced in reading between the lines and helping you achieve your end goal. So Technology can give us a bum steer… I read yesterday that I shouldn’t do a full body workout in a bodybuilding context because I cant focus on each muscle enough, but then today on another site it said that full body workouts are not for beginners and that if your serious about body building you can achieve a better result due to increasing frequency on each body part by doing full body workouts……So what did I do? I’m a PT? I learnt this stuff right? Yes, but I searched for and found to a PT who lives and specializes in bodybuilding. I am putting faith into his knowledge and experience. He can see my habits, body type, and help me shape my approach quicker and more efficiently than if I just trial and error’d my way through with guess work or worse, believing what I saw in a Blog about an approach that worked for one guy who has a totally different body type, metabolism and life than mine BUT I like what he said because his fucking logo was cool!!!!!!!! LOL

Technology has evolved further tho so let’s also think about Apps (Smart phone and ipad programs). There are countless interval training, calorie counters, and fitness inspired apps out there. They all serve a purpose. Some cost, some are free. I see them as tools and if you are serious about health and fitness they can definitely help. But it is always a good idea to read reviews and research about each one to get the ones that suit your approach. I have used the main ones when I began my personal fitness story to help INGRAIN certain things into my head which are now just part of my healthy approach and habits. Plus a good stopwatch or interval training app is a base tool for as good workout. Counting calories with an app can be great if your not sure about energy in vs. energy out…Some even have a barcode scanner and makes it easier to add up what your eating so you know how much exercise you need to burn it of and more J Personally I Don’t count calories because all calories aren’t equal but that’s for another Blog…

But technology is not just information and programs. What about heart rate monitors, gps, blue tooth shoe pods, smart phone and watch programs. I use a Nike sports band with a polar heart monitor and I track my stats on the computer. If endurance running, biking or triathalon training is your thing, or you just want access to information so you can control your efforts, then  these tools are a must. Beware of the cost. Some are great because they look good, and don’t let the list of functions be the main selling point, because you might not need all of those functions and you should focus on products that perform the functions that YOU require “most” the best.

Then we come to shoes, clothing and gear.. Shoes for all types of application. Clothes that look cool but do a job? E.g. Compression garments, moisture wicking comfort and style all have to be balanced for clothing to be good value for money. Personally I used to be a HUGE victim to the marketing machine. I was first moved into a purchase for looks, colour and style. Now in my older age I got for quality and function. (still got look good tho ;) …. I used to rock my air Jordan’s for work and play, now I have a specific shoes for endurance, a pair for gym and I use the barefoot mentality to help stabilize and stimulate better movement patterns. Gear…well there is heaps of new technology that goes into our training gear to make it lighter, stronger, more durable and cheaper….with out these advances we would not be able to have many of the tools e.g. ball bearing skipping ropes, reflective tape for high visibility, Bosu Balls ect ect…Technology has had a MASSIVE impact on Health and fitness from every angle!

In closing, I think the impact of technology on the health and fitness industry has been more positive than negative. Keeping in mind that too much information, gear and “fluff”, specifically the “wrong” information can have a detrimental effect on your goals & health. Yes it has helped with connectivity. It means we can share ideas and approaches. It means we can trial things that we didn’t otherwise know existed. It means we can have tools, shoes, clothes and coaching advise at our fingertips to make the journey easier. BUT…remember that it all starts with that first choice. That first moment where you decide to act. Keep that in the forefront of your mind because all you really need is the right attitude and a consistent work ethic to achieve your health and fitness goals. Used in an intelligent and measured way, technology can both help and speed up your journey in health and fitness.

Always seek help from a professional if your case is complex or you just need the help. It could save you allot of time and money.


Do you think the original Olympians used much technology?? They had nuth’n!!! Do we NEEEEED all this stuff??? In my heart I think no…but it’s also not 776 BC …just try not to rely on anything as a crutch.


Oh and turn off your device’s in the bedroom. Technology has impacted our lives soooo much that we can’t put these things down, over stimulating our brains and interrupting our REST/SLEEP and our, um, bedroom time ;) We need that J

Think Believe Become

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Yours in Good health

George Papas